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Ecommerce HostingManaged Ecommerce Hosting

Take advantage of Managed Ecommerce Hosting service on Olvy Cloud, fine-tuned and optimized for a variety of ecommerce platforms, providing Online Stores with the highest levels of security and performance





WordPress HostingManaged WordPress Hosting

Experience lightning-fast performance for your WordPress with Olvy Cloud


Managed. Fast. Reliable.

Managed Olvy Cloud Plans Include



Cloud based Hosting with native server performance, guaranteed CPU, RAM, Disk resources and Dedicated IP address. All Cloud Plans are powered by Linux based OS Debian, Ubuntu, Rocky Linux


Olvy Cloud team will manage your server: daily backups, regular OS security updates, server optimization for best performance, custom software installation - so you can fully focus on business


Host as many websites, databases or email accounts on your Cloud server as your projects require. You are only limited by resources allocated to your Cloud Hosting Plan: Storage, RAM and CPU capacity

Support 24/7

Your website is unavailable, you have commercial query or just need a help – Olvy Managed Support team is available all day, night, holidays, 24/7 to answer any your questions shortly


We will keep an eye on your server CPU load, Memory and Disk usage closely 24/7 including non-business time to make sure that everything goes well. You will be notified if any problem occurs on the server.

Speed Up

All Managed Hosting Plans are optimized out of the box using latest web technologies, most often before other hosting companies start using them, and considering certain customers projects requirements


Backup storage is included to all Plans and is a part of Managed Hosting Services. Automated tool creates backup of websites files and databases daily and keep backup data on a remote storage

Free SSL

Free SSL Certificates from Let's Encrypt can be installed to any number of your websites. Olvy team will keep SSL Certificates installation and renewal process under own control


We configure OS and system software in accordance with latest security standards, perform regular checks and protect your server with Managed Firewall to guarantee highest security level

Available Globally In 28 Locations, 6 Continents


World map

  • Portland – USA
  • San Francisco – USA
  • Dallas – USA
  • Atlanta – USA
  • New York – USA
  • Washington – USA
  • Montreal – Canada
  • Toronto – Canada
  • Mexico City – Mexico
  • São Paulo – Brazil
  • Santiago – Chile
  • London – UK
  • Madrid – Spain
  • Paris – France
  • Gravelines – France
  • Strasbourg – France
  • Amsterdam – Netherlands
  • Frankfurt – Germany
  • Nuremberg – Germany
  • Stockholm – Sweden
  • Helsinki – Finland
  • Warsaw – Poland
  • Mumbai – India
  • Singapore
  • Seoul – South Korea
  • Tokyo – Japan
  • Sydney – Australia
  • Johannesburg – South Africa


What makes Managed Cloud Hosting from Olvy superior

Olvy Cloud is individually customized, extremely optimized and highly secured


Technical Excellence

Technical Excellence

At Olvy, we are always leading the way in web technology. Our team continuously integrates innovative solutions that boost web security, performance, and system software for our customers. We don’t wait for the hosting industry to catch up with the latest technologies like HTTP/3, TLS 1.3, Brotli compression, or any others. We adopt them early and let our customers benefit from them now.

However, we also understand that some customers may still require outdated software versions and we can provide support for any. That is why we’ve created secure and modern system environment that complies with the latest security standards, while still accommodating the specific needs of these customers.


Fully Managed Cloud Hosting

Managed hosting refers to a hosting environment, such as a Cloud Server, VPS or Dedicated Server, that is exclusively owned by a single client. Our dedicated team of technical engineers manage the server on a daily basis, from initial setup and speed optimization to customization, daily backups, monitoring, and audits.

If you do encounter any issues, our 24/7 support team will take immediate action to check and resolve the problem. However, rest assured that we strive to proactively identify and fix issues before you even notice them, so that you can enjoy a hassle-free hosting experience.

Fully Managed Cloud Hosting


Web Performance Optimization

Web Performance Optimization

We believe that your website’s performance is critical to your business’s success. Therefore our team of experts utilizes professional techniques to optimize your website’s load time, minimize page weight, and reduce server response time, resulting in a lightning-fast website.

Our web performance optimization services include advanced caching mechanisms, content delivery network (CDN) integration, and optimization of database configuration, among other techniques. We also perform regular audits to ensure your website stays fast and efficient, even as your traffic grows.



* Effective Managed Cloud EC2 will cost monthly if you pay for 1 year

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