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OpenCart Cloud

OpenCart is one of the best FREE and open-source Ecommerce platform that offers many features, such as:

  • Multi-store management
  • Unlimited categories and products
  • Customizable products options and attributes
  • Various extensions to enhance functionality
  • Multi-language and multi-currency support
  • Mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly design

Managed OpenCart Cloud is based on Olvy Cloud platform, which is specially optimized for OpenCart hosting. It uses a powerful software stack that includes:

  • Nginx with HTTP/3 and TLSv1.3 support for fast and secure web serving
  • PHP versions from 5.3 to 8.1 for compatibility and flexibility
  • Latest MariaDB database for reliable and efficient data storage
  • Memcached and/or Redis Cache for high-performance caching

Managed OpenCart Cloud is designed for different OpenCart versions, such as 1.5, 2.0-2.1, 2.2-2.3, 3.0, and 4.0.

How Managed Olvy Cloud boosts your OpenCart site speed and security

Our Cloud servers use Nginx – the fastest web server that can handle heavy traffic and deliver content and applications quickly. Like many other web applications, OpenCart makes multiple requests to PHP files and database queries when loading website pages. To speed up this process, we use Memcached and/or Redis Cache on Olvy Cloud servers to store site cache in the server memory. This way, repeated requests from visitors are served from the cache, resulting in lightning-fast page loading. The main benefits of web performance optimization for OpenCart on Olvy Cloud platform are:

  • Faster website pages for your visitors.
  • Lower server load because of fewer requests and queries to PHP and database.
  • High performance for OpenCart site even on the lowest Olvy Cloud Plans.

Olvy provides Lightning-Fast OpenCart Hosting On Fully Managed Cloud with FREE migration service and Managed Cloud plans starting at $16.86 /month.

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About Olvy ( www.olvy.net / www.olvy.eu ) :

Olvy is a private and independent Limited Liability Company based in Bratislava, Slovakia, in the heart of Europe. We combined our invaluable 20+ years experience to develop innovative and reliable, lightning-fast and affordable Managed Cloud Hosting services for Everyone. From a small blog to a growing Ecommerce – we provide the best.

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