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WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) for creating a modern website, and WooCommerce is the most popular E-commerce platform built on WordPress. Nginx is known as the fastest Web server with load balancing and page caching features that significantly speed up WordPress and WooCommerce websites.

Based on ultra-fast Cloud platforms, Managed Olvy Cloud is powered by specifically fine-tuned software stack that combines Nginx with HTTP/3 support, latest versions of PHP and MariaDB database to provide high performance hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce.

Why Olvy Managed Cloud servers are really fast for WordPress and WooCommerce.

Our servers, optimized for WordPress and WooCommerce hosting, are set up to use Nginx FastCGI Cache for page caching right out of the box. As any other modern web applications, WordPress generates multiple requests to PHP files and multiple queries to database when website pages load. Nginx FastCGI Cache is configured to store page cache in the server Memory, so recurring requests from visitors are processed directly on the Nginx level, as result page content is delivered to visitors with lightning speed. The main benefits of Nginx FastCGI cache are as follow:

  • Website pages load much faster.
  • Server load reduces significantly because there are no continuous requests and queries to PHP and database.
  •  High performance for WordPress or WooCommerce site can be achieved even on the lowest Olvy Cloud Plans.

Our benchmarks show that number of requests per second on the WordPress website increases dramatically due to the use of Nginx FastCGI Cache.

Wordpress - requests per second

  • WordPress Without Cache doesn’t show good result.
  • WordPress with Simple Page Cache (WordPress plugin) shows much better performance, almost in 10x times faster. Mainly because it doesn’t make extra queries to the database.
  • WordPress with Varnish cache raises performance to high level. As cached pages do not need to request PHP processes.
  • WordPress with Nginx FastCGI Cache has the best result, and it raises performance to the highest level that surpasses even Varnish. Most likely because Varnish is a separate solution that requires HTTP server like Nginx or Apache as additional layer for SSL termination.

Olvy provides Managed Cloud Hosting optimized for WordPress and WooCommerce with FREE migration service and Managed Cloud plans starting at $16.86 /month.

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Olvy is a private and independent Limited Liability Company based in Bratislava, Slovakia, in the heart of Europe. We combined our invaluable 20+ years experience to develop innovative and reliable, lightning-fast and affordable Managed Cloud Hosting services for Everyone. From a small blog to a growing Ecommerce – we provide the best.

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