Olvy Launches Effective Managed Cloud With The Best Performance-Cost Ratio

We are pleased to announce that Olvy launches the new Managed Cloud range – Effective Cloud, with the best performance-cost ratio, and available to create in the regions: Washington (USA), Nuremberg (Germany), Helsinki (Finland),

With Effective Cloud you will get server performance increased twice comparing to our Standard Cloud for the same price, for example:

  • Standard Cloud “Micro” : 1GB RAM; 1 CPU; 25GB SSD – $16.86 USD /Month
  • Effective Cloud “EC2″ : 2GB RAM; 2 CPUs; 40GB SSD – $16.86 USD /Month

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Powerful instances with balanced combination of CPU, RAM and Disk resources are Effective for any web applications and platforms, from a small blog to a CPU-intensive E-commerce.

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